Assetto Corsa Mod 定点観測 2020/09/14



Sol 2.0 alpha 1 リリース

・Sol 2.0 alpha 1 by Peter Boese



【Assetto Corsa】Sol1.6のインストール手順


Autodrome Lago Maggiore v1.1に更新

Assetto Corsa PC Mods General Discussion
Masscot, since you've encountered and solved the problem before of cars not being centred in the showroom/preview images, is there any possiblity you might be a...



Mitsubishi Galant Vr4

・Mitsubishi Galant Vr4 by Wack

Assetto Corsa PC Mods General Discussion
how are they? someone by chance has the Bugatti circuit (internal le mans) I did not find any! I want to recreate the Truck Champions championship

Drift track racing layouts v1.0リリース

・Drift track racing layouts by off on

Drift track racing layouts
Kunos' Drift track is by far one of the most used circuits on Assetto Corsa (Fun fact, did you know it exists in real life? :confused: The real life track is ca...


TED Tarlac Circuit Hill v0.95リリース

・TED Tarlac Circuit Hill by Teddie

TED Tarlac Circuit Hill
Tarlac Circuit Hill v1.2 UPDATE (10-15-2020)=====================================* Fix trees using incorrect shaders, causing them to be over-bright with sun be...


Emerald Bay v.02 Alphaに更新

・Emerald Bay by Y0chang

Emerald Bay -Tahoe USA Open Roam
I am working on a open roads track set in Lake Tahoe for Assetto Corsa using Race Track Builder. The area that is modeled is based off real roads around Emeral...



Porsche 917LH LM24H 1971 #21 (Skin)

・Porsche 917LH LM24H 1971 #21 by PR0JECTNR56

-2k, 4k, 8kサイズがあるのでお好きなサイズをReadmeに記載されているクルマのSkinフォルダにいれてください。

F1 2020 MUGELLO TUSCANGP CM Track skin v1.1FINALに更新

・F1 2020 MUGELLO TUSCANGP CM Track skin by blackcelica



Lippo Village Lights and more v0.8

・Lippo Village Lights and more by Jlmp93

Lippo Village Lights and more
Lights, GrassFX, Rain FX (untested) and fireworks for Lippo Village Circuit:Drop it in your tracks folder and enjoy the view.If cars look radioactive...

-Lights, GrassFX, RainFX, 花火を追加